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Ko Aswál

International Encounter with the Kawésqar Culture | Zurich, Switzerland

The next day


Völkerkundemuseum Zürich 2023

                   Ko Aswál is the name of this event that in our language means "The next day" since this is not the first time that the Kawésqar come to Zürich. They also did it in 1882 when 11 indigenous people were kidnapped from the south of Chile to be exhibited in the Human Zoos, which toured the main cities of Europe and ended in the city of Zürich. This time, in a significant way, 11 Kawésqar star in the International Meeting with the Kawésqar Culture that is being held during July and August in the city of Zürich; opportunity to reflect, discuss and make visible the culture of the Kawésqar people, in the exhibition hall of the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zürich where activities for adults, youth  and kids.

The Kawésqar People Foundation, thanks to the support of the Chilean Embassy in Switzerland and the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zürich, has organized this important event. Sponsored by Filantropía Cortes Solari, Aerovías Dap and Nestlé.

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