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A living culture

A warm welcome the digital territory of the Kawésqar Community.  From the end of the world, we want to invite you to explore the life of our living culture: through real people, authentic stories, laborious traditions and landscapes, that through orality the ancients Kawésqar navigate in time to be present today and share this space with you.

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Territory   Kawésqar

Kawésqar Wæs.Cams


Our territory extends through the western part of the southern tip of the continent, from the Taitao Peninsula in the north to the Brecknock Peninsula in the Fuegian archipelago in the south, where it meets the Usi Yagan territory.

Our uninterrupted presence for more than6,000 years Navigating the deepest corners of this region, transformed and civilized by the Chilean state, converted into the province and current Region of Magallanes (1929), roots us to this land with a meaning little understood by those who do not belong to this culture and our groups. relatives.

Today the Kawésqar are a population of more than 500 inhabitants, organized in family groups recognized as indigenous communities (Law 19,253), we mostly inhabit the territory and are concentrated in populated centers such as Puerto Edén, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas, Porvenir and Puerto Williams.

Son 18 las Comunidades Indígenas que conforman el Pueblo Kawésqar y trabajan para constituir durante el primer semestre de 2024 el Consejo del Pueblo Kawésqar.


Photos by Harry Brito

Serie Kawésqar Wæs y Usi Yagan


International Encounter with the Kawésqar Culture | Zurich, Switzerland

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